Charis Foundationhttp://www.charisfoundation.comis a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to meeting the needs of our community through professional and compassionate psychological assessment, psychotherapy, and pastoral counseling. Providers at Charis Foundation offer diagnostic assessment, individual, couples, and family psychotherapy at offices located in Oregon and North Carolina.  Additionally we offer therapeutic riding, equine and animal assisted therapy at Serenity Grace Farm which is part of our Charis operation in North Carolina. 
Each provider with Charis offers services unique to their background, training, and experience.

Charis Foundation was founded with a therapeutic mission to “assist religious leaders and community members, regardless of race, creed, religion or tradition to experience renewal and direction through counseling, education and consultation.” Our services have continued to expand during the years to include specialties in areas such as autism, PTSD, art therapy, play therapy, etc.  Dr. Frank Green and several colleagues, joined together originally with the following objectives:

              1.  Bring personal healing to individuals and their families 

              2.  Develop personal survival and life management skills 

              3.  Equip individuals to achieve organizational effectiveness, resolve conflict, and manage change. 

“Charis” is a Greek word which originally described the great delight and joy brought about by acts of kindness. In Christian theology the word refers to the universal inclusive embrace of God’s grace, or unearned love acted out and demonstrated in the life and teachings of Jesus.  Charis is founded upon the conviction that healing and wholeness possible in all of our lives regardless of who we may be, what we believe, what others feel about us or how we feel about ourselves.