​​Riding Lessons -

We offer riding lessons 7 days a week for people with special needs as well as able bodied riders. Please call Courtney to schedule a time. 919-302-5503

Able bodied riding - Serenity Grace Farm offers horseback riding to everyone with the desire to learn about horses. We will teach: All aspects of horsemanship. Care beneficial for horses. ​Different kinds of tack used in riding or driving. ​How to work around horses including: brushing, warmup, cool down, rubbing down, grooming and sometimes maybe a wash.

Special needs riding - Serving individuals from four years old and up.  Individual or group classes are taught by Therapeutic Riding Instructors with the help of our volunteers.  Our goal is to teach horsemanship skills.  Clients will also learn to groom, saddle, lead, and mount their horses.  There are many therapeutic benefits of being on a moving horse, strengthens muscles, improves posture, coordination, flexibility, and balance.  These riders may also go on to compete in Special Olympics. All therapeutic riding students are required to have medical clearance from a physician and meet the requirements for safety.

riding lessons